Added values to our customers

We believe that the services we provide to our clients are truly unique, for the following reasons:

  1. Our services are carried out using a non-automated process, with all surface preparation, painting or d├ęcor application being done manually by our highly trained, motivated and cost-effective workforce. For a competitive price, we produce a consistently error-free finish with the higher level of care and quality that can only come from a manual process.
  2. We have been pioneers in the use of water-based paints in the aerospace industry. We continue to maintain our lead in terms of our ability to consistently produce high quality finishes with water-based paints. In addition, we provide special finishing effects, such as painting semi- and high- gloss or HTPT in smaller batches upon your request.
  3. We offer our clients a unique complete solution by locating ourselves near our major clients, where we are able to receive unfinished / unassembled components and ship finished / painted / decorated / assembled components with minimum packaging and documentation. This dramatically improves both the speed and cost of our service, provides flexibility, and minimizes the logistics and transportation risks.
  4. From our decades of experience in surface preparation and painting in the aerospace industry, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and have achieved productivity gains which we are able to pass on to our clients in the form of significant cost savings.