We commenced our first painting activities related to aerospace at MBB in Donauwörth, Germany in 1986.

Due to our close customer relation with MBB and later Airbus in south Germany, we set up a production facility in Laupheim in 1992. In 2003, we extended our production floor and built a new facility in close proximity to Airbus manufacturing in Laupheim. Here we introduced a very innovative water-based painting system along with other innovations in interior painting. In 2007 we also established a facility in Zagreb, Croatia to support our aerospace customers with additional capacities. Since 2011, we have increased our capacities and extended our services to Hamburg together with our partner company Vartan Product Support, where we are supporting customers across the fence. In parallel we established a new production facility next door to our customers in Southern California. Based on the long-term experience, our capabilities and expertise in interior aerospace painting, we are confident that we will further grow our business in the near future to continue our long-term customer relationships.